Hailstorm decimates vines across Burgundy

news  %tages Hailstorm decimates vines across Burgundy
Burgundy winemakers have reported widespread hurt to the 2014 harvest after a five minute hailstorm ruined vines across the province on Saturday afternoon.

Picture credit Daniel Etienne Defaix, VolnayEstates are reporting hurt affecting up to 40% of the potential 2014 harvest across Meursault, Pommard, Volnay and Beaune at the weekend after ‘golf ball sized’ hailstones struck the province, despite anti-hail measures being in place. In Beaune, up to 90% of vines in the Clos des Mouches vineyard are thought to have been hurt by the hail.Some 34 tube-like generators had been deployed each 10 kilometres in the storm-hit areas, shooting particles of silver iodide and copper acetylacetone into the atmosphere to stop the formation of hailstones but ‘disastrous to work’ according to Thiebault Huber of Domaine Huber-Verdereau and president of the Volnay Wine Council.‘We are in shock. I do not know why they did not work; perhaps the storm was just too intense and too small http://1000-facts-about-wine.com for the equipment to react’.Hurt though to be in the province of between 20 and 30% was also sustained as far south as the Cote Chalonnais and in the Cote de Nuits. The weekend’s storm has dashed hopes of a much-needed bumper 2014 crop. Unlike last year, the 2014 harvest had looked promising with a fine and even flowering and copious grapes on the vines. ‘We have lost the equivalent of two harvests over the last three years’ Huber said. Given the compounded losses over the last three years, Huber said that some properties face financial ruin but could not estimate how many.A meeting to discuss the storm’s full impact is taking place in Burgundy this evening. 

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