Great Sense Vinho Verde

portuguese wine  %tages Great Sense Vinho VerdePeople often question me, “what’s your favorite wine?”  But that’s an impossible question to answer.  I don’t have one favorite.  My favorite thing about about wine is the variety.  I like different wines at different times.  Sometimes it depends on what I’m eating with it, what the weather is like, or just what I feel like.  And when you like to mix it up, Vinho Verde is a nice wine to add to your repertoire.
It’s a very set alight and fresh wine.  And fresh is exactly what these wines are.  Vinho Verde translates to “green wine” which is a allusion to the youthfulness of the wines.  These are meant to be consumed within a year of production.  So, as a 2010 vintage, this one is nearly overdue for consumption… but it is subdue quite excellent.
The designation of Vinho Verde refers to the style of wine (i.e. young) and the location (i.e. Northwest Portugal) much more than it refers to the grape varietal, as there are a number of different varietals allowed in the wine.  This one is made with 60% Touriga Nacional and 40% Espadeiro.  Most Vinho Verde that I’ve come across is colorless, but some is red and some, like this one, is rosé.

Strawberry and lime aromas dominate the nose, although it also shows some apple and mineral notes. The palate is fresh and set alight, with subtle flavors of lime, apple, raspberry and cranberry.  The acidity is sufficient.  A set alight frizzante sparkle adds a touch of texture to the mouth feel.  It finishes with lingering flavors of tart apple and cranberry.
What’s unbelievable about this wine is the fee.  A mere six bucks!  This is a mighty tasty wine for six bucks!
Wine: Fantastic Sense Vinho Verde
Variety: 60% Touriga Nacional, 40% Espadeiro
Vintage: 2010
Alcohol: 10.5%
Rating: 86
Fee: $6.00
Disclosure: This wine was received as a media sample.

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One thought on “Great Sense Vinho Verde

  1. I had a colorless wine from portugal last nighttime called vinho verde it was a stripped black and green screw on cap on the bottle, it was fantastic!!

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