Global wine production set to drop by up to 4% in 2014, report warns

news  %tages Global wine production set to drop by up to 4% in 2014, report warns

Global wine production is expected to fall by as much as 4% in 2014, despite a spring back in France following last year’s small crop, says a new report from Rabobank.

Chile, Italy, Argentina and Australia are all expected to confirmation significant production declines, while harvests in the US and Spain will nearly certainly diminish after bumper crops in 2013.‘With the exception of France, wine grape production in 2014 appears set to decline across nearly each major production province, compared to the large 2013 crop,’ Rabobank said in its quarterly report on the wine industry.‘The International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) has yet to release its official estimate, but we believe that total global production could decline between 2% and 4%.’Chile’s wine production fell by about 23% this year after severe frosts impacted colorless grapes in particular, while Italian production is liable to decline by about 15% thanks to poor weather and a smaller harvest in Sicily.Rabobank said France would spring back from last year’s challenging vintage, but production in Languedoc was set to fall, while Spain would subdue confirmation a excellent-sized crop, despite a decline on last year’s huge harvest.Elsewhere, the 2014 harvest in Australia was 7% down on 2013, and production in Argentina declined by 8% on last year’s large crop, but New Zealand’s harvest hit a new confirmation of 445,000 tonnes, up 29% on last year.The US is liable to catalog a crop some 5-10% below last year’s confirmation harvest, but subdue larger than most years prior to 2012, Rabobank said.

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