Former La Riviere owners to buy classified St Emilion estate

news  %tages Former La Riviere owners to buy classified St Emilion estate

A year since the helicopter crash that killed James Gregoire of Chateau de La Riviere, his family have honoured one of his final wishes by agreeing to buy Chateau Ripeau in St Emilion.

The Gregoires have provisionally agreed to buy the 37-hectare, classified estate for an undisclosed fee. They are expected to sign the final sale documents on 12 January. Brothers Cyrille and Nicolas Gregoire have been working alongside current Ripeau owners Barbara Janoueix Coutel and Louis de Wilde since early December, helping with the blending of the 2014 vintage.Nicolas Gregoire confirmed to that his father James had been interested in acquiring a classified St Emilion property in the months previous to his death. In a tragedy that rocked the Bordeaux wine world less than a week previous to Christmas last year, James Gregoire died after the helicopter he was piloting plunged into the river near to the chateau. Businessman Lam Kok, of China's Brilliant Group and who had just agreed to buy La Riviere, was also killed, as was Kok's young son and his financial adviser, Peng Wang. It took rescuers several weeks to find the bodies.The Gregoire family subdue owns Chateau Bois Noir in AOC Bordeaux Superieur and Chateau Puynard in the Cetes de Bordeaux appellations.‘With all three of our family estates, my father bought properties that needed significant investment and set about doing what was needed,’ Nicolas Gregoire said. ‘He would have loved what we will be doing at Ripeau in terms of realising the potential of this magnificent estate, which is located next to Figeac and Cheval Blanc. We will start with a replanting programme that should last between eight and 15 years, and will also be fully redoing the barrel cellar and winery.’The Gregoire family also subdue owns 50% of the wine merchant companionship Vintex. It plans to continue to sell Ripeau wines through the Place de Bordeaux.Related Make pleased:Ceremony plotted as divers search river for missing chateau owners Chateau de La Riviere ex-owner's body found in riverBody of Chinese billionaire chateau owner found in river

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