Fine wine market: Hopes rise for Bordeaux prices in 2015

news  %tages Fine wine market: Hopes rise for Bordeaux prices in 2015

Fine wine market analysts are increasingly confident that prices for recent vintages of top Bordeaux have bottomed out after a three-year slide.

Bordeaux prices have found stability on several indices in recent months, prompting UK-based Wine Asset Managers (WAM) to suggest that prices may have reached their cheapest point. It’s only just comparable with the plume of optimism that drove Bordeaux prices skywards previous to several years ago, but WAM’s Miles Davis thinks there is extra wits to be cheerful in 2015. ‘For those who are familiar with the characteristics of the fine wine market, what has happened over the last six months is becoming significant,’ he said. ‘The fact that the market has been flat for six months now suggests that it is in the administer of varying direction and that the China fall out is now fully in the fee.’Trading exchange Liv-ex said in its latest market report that its Bordeaux 500 index – representing the 10 most recently physical vintages for 50 top chateaux – had crept up by 0.6% in the past month. It is subdue down by nearly 5% versus a year ago.Rival Bordeaux Index saw prices creep upwards in the final quarter of 2014, albeit the index remains around 25% below its mid-2011 peak. Bordeaux Index has reiterated that it believes the much-touted 2005 vintage is subdue ‘much undervalued’. Bordeaux subdue dictates the overall health of the fine wine market due to its scale, despite higher buyer interest in alternative fine wine regions, and particularly Burgundy, Champagne and Tuscany. The Liv-ex chart below suggests prices for wines from several regions struggled for momentum in 2014.

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