Duckhorn sues rival over duck wine label

 %tages Duckhorn sues rival over duck wine label
Napa Valley wine producer Duckhorn has filed legal action against a rival wine group and retail giant Wal-Mart, claiming that it has trademark rights over the word 'duck' on marks.

Duckhorn is suing Sutter Home Winery, owned by Trinchero Family Estates, and Wal-Mart over their respective parts in launching and selling a range of wines marked Duck Commander in the US. The Napa producer is also suing Duck Commander Inc, a companionship owned by the Robertson family that is in the rear the well loved US television show .In the complaint, Duckhorn said that the 'duck-style inscription' and duck motif on its bottle marks have become inextricably linked to its own wines. Duck Commander's name and use of a duck logo is 'confusingly similar' for wine drinkers, it said. Tension started building in the autumn of 2013, when Duckhorn exposed that Trinchero Family Estates and the Robertsons' were set to launch the Duck Commander wines. Duckhorn said the Robertson family has refused to meet, and that an initial meeting between it and Trinchero has not been followed up. 'Since the meeting, Duckhorn has requested a response from Trinchero and the Robertson family, but Duckhorn's request has been ignored,' the group said in its court filing with the Northern District Court of California, San Francisco Division.According to the filing, the defendants argued that additional third parties have used the word 'duck' on wine marks and that their wines appeal to a different type of drinker.'As policy, we cannot comment on matters of pending litigation,' a spokesperson for Trinchero told Commander wines retail for around $10-a-bottle. Most Duckhorn wines are priced at several times that amount, but Duckhorn said its wines are in 'the same channels of distribution' and are presented to the same potential buyers.

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