DAWA judge: Donghyuk Shin

Donghyuk Shin, a sommelier at the Jungsik restaurant in Seoul and 2014 winner of the best sommelier in Korea, is a judge in the Decanter Asia Wine Awards (DAWA). DAWA judge: Donghyuk ShinDonghyuk Shin is a sommelier at the Jungsik restaurant and wine bar in Seoul, which was voted 10th in Asia’s best restaurant 2015.
A court of master sommelier certified sommelier, Donghyuk was awarded the title of best sommelier of Korea in 2014.  He is also a member of the Bordeaux Aquitaine Sommelier Association and is a regular judge in wine competitions, including the Korea Wine Challenge and the Best Sommelier Choice wine comeptition.
Earlier a sommelier at many high-end restaurants and hotels around the world, including the Conrad in Seoul, ‘Le Bernardine’ restaurant in New York, and ‘Aqua’ in San Francisco, Shin’s is currently studying to become a master sommelier.
Donghyuk Shin has been a DAWA judge since 2015.
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