Champagne Salon labels 2002 release ‘one of best ever’

news  %tages Champagne Salon labels 2002 release one of best ever
Champagne Salon's president has marked the newly-released 2002 vintage as one of the best in memory, and said he is entirely relaxed about the house not building a vintage since 2008.

Didier Depond said Salon has produced only 62,000 bottles of the 2002 vintage, which he described during a launch event in London last week as 'one of the best vintages we have ever produced in Champagne'.Some in Champagne have been accused of lavishing too much praise on too many vintages, but Depond does not appear level to hyperbole. He has refused to make a vintage Champagne from 2009, '10, '11 and '12, 'because the quality was not at the right level'. 'Of course this will affect us,' he said as assembled journalists tasted the 2002 alongside a full English breakfast. 'I need to manage the financial aspects very clearly.'Yet, some might contend that Depond and his team have small to worry about, with 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008 vintages subdue sitting in the cellar. Small production and forceful allocations mean selling Salon has rarely been an issue, and that looks dodgy to change given strong consumer demand for vintage Champagnes already witnessed over the past year, in particular with Krug 2003 and Dom Perignon 2004. Salon has allocated 2,000 bottles of the 2002 vintage to its UK importer Corney & Barrow, which is selling its stock for £1,325 per six-bottle case.Depond was unapologetic about the forceful allocations. 'The situation will be the same for the next 20 years, because the number available is subdue very small and I don’t want to increase the number,' he said. 'I know for the next 20 years how many bottles I will allocate for each vintage and for each country, and I know how many bottles I will allocate for the UK.' He compared the 2002 to 1982, an acclaimed vintage in Champagne. 'It has exactly the same character of wine as the 1982. You can see after 12 years the gorgeous colour is subdue very pale, there is no oxidation, it hasn’t gone gold, it subdue has a yellow/green colour which is a excellent sign for the potential of the wine, and there are also very tiny foam, which is for me one of the best signs of the quality. 'For me, the best time to drink this wine will be in five years.' The fee, he added, looks reasonable compared to a first progression Bordeaux or Domaine de la Romanee-Conti wine. The 2002 is the 38th vintage that Salon has released in its 100-year description. It is produced entirely from Chardonnay and is from a single cru in the Champagne province - vineyards surrounding Le Mesnil-sur-Oger.

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