Champagne growers ‘exasperated’ with social charges

news  %tages Champagne growers exasperated with social charges

Mass street protests in Champagne last week reflect rising frustration over taxes and social charges, say winemakers and growers.

. The motion is scheduled to be heard by France’s Senate in December. Agriculture minister Stephane Le Foll said winemakers will make up any shortfall with fresh exemptions in additional areas in 2015.Pascal Ferrat, head of the Champagne growers’ union, SGV, said winemakers felt below attack from the government. ‘In the past, we looked to conquer. Today, we are always defending our interests.’Succession charges are another concern for vineyard owners, due to rising land prices, and Ferrat added that more should be done to safeguard family farms, which he called ‘our economic fabric’.

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