California Wine Facts

California is the leader of wine producing state—making more than ninety percent of all U.S. wine—and also ranks first in wine consumption. Californians enjoy nearly one in five (eighteen percent) of the bottles consumed in the United States. If California were a nation, it would be the fourth leading wine-producing country in the world behind France, Italy and Spain. With this great culture of wine, there is significant interest in all aspects of the grape.

Wine is good for the waistline.

Wine is fat free and contains no cholesterol. A 4-ounce glass of table wine has about 80-100 calories.

Just how many grapes are in that bottle of wine? It takes about six to eight clusters, or about 600 to 800 wine grapes (2.4 lbs), to make a bottle of wine.

One barrel of wine contains 740 lbs of grapes, equivalent to 59 gallons or 24.6 cases of wine.

And how many bubbles in a bottle?

It is theorized there are approximately 44 million bubbles in a bottle of sparkling wine/champagne.

What is on top in 2010?

Chardonnay, with 95,000 acres, is the wine type variety with the most acreage planted in California.

Cabernet Sauvignon was the second most planted winegrape in California with 76,800 total acres.

The red wine category for the second year in recent history edged out white wine by volume in food stores in 2010. Red held a 41.7 percent market share; white, a 41.0 percent share; and blush accounted for 17.4 percent share of case volume, according to ACNielsen.

Chardonnay remained the leading varietal wine, followed by Merlot, White Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. Together these four varietals made up over half of the wine sales in food stores.

Variety is the spice of life in the California State

Wine-type grapes are grown in 46 of California's 58 counties, covering 522,000 acres in 2010.

There are more than 107 American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in California (distinct winegrape growing areas recognized by the U.S. government), a testament to the variety of microclimates in the state.
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California wines have benefited from the unique and varied mix of cultures that found new homes in the Golden State. From Spanish missionaries who established the state's first vineyards and wineries beginning in 1769, Continue reading

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