Casa Lapostolle Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Casa Lapostolle Cabernet Sauvignon 2005Casa Lapostolle is owned by the Marnier-Lapostolle Group in France, best known as the producers of Grand Marnier liqueur.  They have been involved in wine production for many years and founded Casa Lapostolle in Chile in 1994.  Casa Lapostolle currently represents 370 hectares in three different vineyards.
The Casa Lapostolle Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 come from vineyards in the Rapel Valley of Chile.  The year showed low yields but climatic conditions ideal for an exceptional wine.
The nose of this cabernet sauvignon is very pleasing with tobacco, cherry and cassis.  Blackberry, currant and a hint of strawberry make up the palate with a silky mouth feel and a rather long, slightly smoky end.
It has a rather high alcohol level, 14.5%, for those who feel higher alcohol makes a better wine.
I gave it an 88, Wine Enthusiast gave it an 89 and Wine Spectator gave it an 85.  At $9.99, it’s certainly worth a try.
Wine: Casa Lapostolle
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2005
Alcohol: 14.5% 
Rating: 89
Fee Paid: $9.99

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Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon

Los Vascos Cabernet SauvignonViña Los Vascos is a 580-ha vineyard in the Colchagua province of Chile.  “Los Vascos” means “The Basques” and is a allusion to the Basque origins of wine production in the province.
The area was first used as a vineyard in 1750, when it was planted by the Echenique family, of Basque origin, and has been used for wine production ever since.
In 1988, Domaines Barons de Rothschild-Lafite took over the Los Vascos estate and started to restructure and modernize the vineyard below the guidance of Claudio Navajo.  The result has been ever increasing quality in the wine produced by the estate.
I am very excited about the wines I’ve tasted appearance out of Chile and the Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 is a fantastic example of why.  It has fantastic flavor, fascinating characteristics, and it’s reasonably priced.  I picked up this bottle for $9.99.
At first I was taken by surprise by the nose on this wine.  It wasn’t what I was expecting and that made me suspect momentarily, but I quickly changed my mind.  It has a strong floral characteristic, which is really fascinating, plus a bit of smokiness and ripe strawberry.  The palate is primarily strawberry with a bit of vanilla and currant.  It has nice concentration, but not a lot of complexity.  The end is silky and smoky.  It’s quite different from additional Cabs I’ve had, and I found it very enjoyable.  I gave it an 87.
Wine: Los Vascos
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2005
Alcohol: 14%
Rating: 87

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Melania Coleccion Especial Cabernet Sauvignon – Fair Trade, Organic and Good

Melania Coleccion Especial Cabernet Sauvignon – Fair Trade, Organic and GoodWhen I was in my late teens I became a vegetarian and followed that diet for many years.  I’m a pescatarian now (that means I eat a vegetarian diet + fish).  I originally became a vegetarian due to the politics of food more than for any additional wits.
I grew up in the country and saw fewer and fewer family farms and more large, corporate farms buying up the land.  Subsequently, the majority of profits from farming started to go to large corporations versus to the families who live on and work the land.  Most of the land was being used to produce meat and I banned meat as a private protest against this trend.
I knew that my protest wouldn’t change anything, but I was a idealist with Kantian sense of duty.  And so I lived with actions borne from my beliefs.
I’ve also long had an sympathy for organic foods and locally-grown produce.  About ten years ago I started noticing the axiom “honest trade” on some products—organic products and coffee in particular.  This axiom really resonated with me as it is all about making an equitable balance in trade with farmers and additional product producers.  In particular, honest trade efforts are all ears on workers and producers in regions where they have been most taken advantage of.
Melania Coleccion Especial Cabernet Sauvignonis an example of a wine that is produced with grapes that are organic and honest trade.  I’ve heard some wine drinkers say that they are leery of Chilean wines because they aren’t sure of the chemicals used in production.  Well, if that’s the case, here’s the wine for you to try.
Melania wines are produced by Viña Lomas de Cauquenes in the Maule Valley of Chile.  In 1995, Viña Lomas de Cauquenes was the first vineyard in Chile to receive Organic Certification.  And they are one of only two vineyards in Chile to with FLO Honest Trade Certification.
The Melania Coleccion Especial Cabernet Sauvignon is also a very enjoyable wine.  I found it to be rather earthy and nicely balanced.  Chocolate, plum and currant flavors prevail.  It is nice and smooth.  I recommend it and gave it an 87.  Plus it only cost $8.99 and I know that the workers got an equitable share of that fee, which makes it taste even better.
Wine: Melania Coleccion Especial
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2004
Alcohol: 13.2% 
Rating: 87

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Root:1 Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Root:1 Cabernet Sauvignon 2005My search for excellent cheap Cabernet Sauvignon continues with another selection from the Colchagua Valley province in Chile.  I’ve been finding a number of fascinating Cabs from Colchagua Valley and with excellent wits.  It has been characterized as the next Napa Valley as its characteristics are very similar to Napa Valley 50 years ago.  The soil, water and climate make near-perfect conditions for vineyards.Root:1  from Viña Ventisquero is a fantastic example of the exciting yet affordable wines appearance from the Colchagua Valley.
The first thing you’ll notice about Root:1 is one of the most striking and memorable bottle designs I’ve seen in ages.  There is no missing this one on the shelves.  The deep, ruby-red affect of the wine is just as striking as the bottle design.
I’ve heard a lot of people talking about Root:1 Cabernet Sauvignon and it is very well loved, although the 2005 vintage seems to be a like it or despise it wine.  Specifically, I reckon this is all due to the nose—which is very intense and a bit different from what you’re probably used to.
It’s different in that there is a strong spearmint aroma on the nose.  I found it fascinating, but a bit too intense at first which is why I would recommend decanting this one for a half hour or so previous to drinking it. That will take the edge off of the intensity.  You’ll also find currants, vanilla and a bit of leather on the nose.
The palate is double-jointed and creamy with plum, cherry, dark chocolate and cinnamon flavors.  The concentration on the palate is outstanding for an $11 bottle of wine.  It has a nice, long and silky end with hints of cedar.
I loved this bottle of wine and gave it a 90, but I can see why some people would be place off my the nose.  I’d recommend getting one bottle to try and if you like it, get some more.
Wine: Root:1
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2005
Alcohol: 14%
Rating: 90
Fee Paid: $10.99 Read more