Burgundy exports suffer from ‘lack of availability’

news  %tages Burgundy exports suffer from lack of availability

The latest Burgundy export facts suggest the province's wines are becoming harder for consumers to find and there are fears that prices have risen too strongly.

Burgundy wine exports dropped by 12% in number for the first seven months of 2014, versus the same period of last year, according to Burgundy trade body BIVB.It blamed a series of consecutive, small harvests not seen for at least 50 years. ‘The main markets for Burgundy wines are suffering from a lack of availability,’ it said. Burgundy’s premier export markets saw some of the worst declines. Exports to the US and the UK fell by 12.5% to just below 8.5m bottles and by 24% to 7.8m bottles correspondingly.Higher prices helped to mitigate the financial repercussions within Burgundy. The value of exports to the US and UK fell less steeply than volumes, by 1.6% and 7.7% correspondingly. But, fee rises carry their own difficulties. http://1000-facts-about-wine.com ‘We risk losing shares in traditional markets because of higher prices,’ said Pierre Gernelle, director of the

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