Bordeaux 2013: Pontet-Canet releases price ahead of en primeur week

news  %tages Bordeaux 2013: Pontet Canet releases price ahead of en primeur week
Chateau Pontet-Canet has sought to get a head-start on rivals by releasing its 2013 wine ahead of this year's en primeur campaign and at the same fee as 2012.

Pontet-Canet said this daylight (26 Development) that it has released its 2013 vintage at €60-a-bottle ex-Bordeaux.Much of the wine trade will arrive in Bordeaux next week for the 2013 en primeur tastings, building this a surprising go from one of the province’s leading chateaux. Poor weather early in the growing season and during harvest last year means that estates have had to be highly selective in the vineyard, and Pontet-Canet said it has produced 50% less wine for its 2013 vintage, with yields of 15 hectolitres per hectare.‘It’s certainly unexpected,' Caspar Bowes, of Bowes Wine merchant, told following the early release. 'The only wits can be that feel they have nothing to gain by waiting. The Tesserons take giant pride in what they do, have invested lots of money in their estate, and are obviously very serious, which sits strangely with what they are doing here. 'It seems to indicate that they are not particularly interested in this campaign – not a fantastic thought the week previous to merchants are spending their own money appearance out to taste what is already a intricate year to sell.'Several observers have said prices will liable have to fall for the 2013 vintage to be attractive to en primeur buyers.One Bordeaux négociant commented, ‘If additional chateaux follow this same pricing model, we might as well go home now.’

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