Bordeaux 2013: Pichon Baron releases 2013 down 17%

news  %tages Bordeaux 2013: Pichon Baron releases 2013 down 17%
What is expected to be a very busy week for the Bordeaux 2013 en primeurs started early this daylight, with AXA Millésimes releasing its stable of Bordeaux wines.

Chateau Pichon Longueville Baron came out at €54 ex-Bordeaux, down nearly 17% from last year’s €65. Chateau Suduiraut in Sauternes released at €42 (there was no release last year) and Petit Village was priced at €37, a small drop of 3%.One Bordeaux négociant commented, ‘it’s a step in the right direction, and is a excellent effort. But last year Pichon Baron was certainly priced too high, allowing Pichon Comtesse to steal a development on it, so they are smart to fee more keenly now’.Smith Haut Lafitte 2013 is also out at €33.80 red and €55 colorless (ex bordeaux), down correspondingly 6% (€40.80) and 4% (€57.50) on last year.

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